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Both the Kansas City Police Department and the Jackson County Prosecutor’s office say they’re reviewing the incident. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. In Shawnee Mission, out of more than 2,000 teachers, about 80 — or 4% — were people of color, compared to 36% of students, according to 2019 data provided to the state department of education. Kansas City Chiefs' Frank Clark shared his thoughts on the Jacob Blake police shooting during a recent press conference. The Black Student Union at Blue Valley Northwest High School in Overland Park, organized a demonstration last week as well. In Blue Springs this month, students created the hashtag #BlackatBSSD on Twitter and posted about their experiences: Many have been called the N-word. In Kansas City, two people died in separate shootings Sunday night, including one just blocks away from the protest site. April 17, 2020, 7:49 PM. Latest Stories. They made me shake the hand of the person who threatened violence toward me,” he yelled through a megaphone. Sign up for one of our many newsletters to be the first to know when big news breaks. I think everyone in leadership is dedicated to continuing to make progress.”. Another protest rally is planned for this afternoon, as Kansas City assesses damage from last night. And they said they will have a “systemic strategic plan” by the start of the school year to address racism. Kevin Kelly went to a May 30 protest following the killing of George Floyd with the intent of simply documenting it. A new audio documentary highlights the experiences of Black students at the predominantly white University of Missouri, and our Media Critics discuss Bob Woodward's new book and UM System President Mun Choi's decision to block student-critics on Twitter. Police in Kansas City discovered pallets of rocks and bricks near protest sites on Sunday that they believe were to be “used during a riot.” Peaceful protests in many U.S. cities over the death of George Floyd have devolved into rioting and looting, stoking concerns that anarchist groups are organizing violence. In Shawnee Mission in 2010, 69% of students were white, 7.7% were Black and 14.2% were Hispanic. By Sarah Ritter And Mará Rose Williams, The Kansas City Star, Protests move to Kansas City's suburbs as residents tell schools to act on racism. The protests came amid otherwise violent weekends in both metropolitan areas. “And almost every day, I had to motivate them until they had the confidence to say that no matter how people look at me, even if I hear ugly jokes or the N-word, this education is for me.”. So we need to make sure we have a diverse candidate pool applying in Shawnee Mission,” Ousley, the board president, said. “They don’t feel respected. Broadnax has made it a mission to teach African American history, which she said is lacking in the curriculum. But even as districts make commitments to diversity, critics say some of the efforts seem superficial. Look at special ed and the disproportionate rate that Black students, particularly Black males, are identified as special ed, and do something about it. Pallets of bricks 'randomly' appear during protests in NYC, Kansas City, Dallas and North Carolina sparking theories they were planted by cops or extremists to stoke violence Kansas City police spokesman Sgt Jacob Becchina later said that the man was arrested for 'municipal/city protest-related charges'. Similar incidents had been happening for decades. In the aftermath of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, as protesters called on police to confront systemic racism, there is a growing outcry for local suburban school districts to do the same. But some activists argue that despite promises, many districts aren’t acting fast enough, or at all. The dance team’s coach, Carley Fine, was fired. “That is why we are taking action,” a Blue Springs statement said. Yes Shawnee Mission School District has a diversity and inclusion problem with children who are African American and Spanish speaking.”, “They don’t feel seen,” Newry said. Even though the school board last year adopted a plan for equity training of teachers and staff, protesters said they are not sure district leaders hold the same contempt for racism as neighboring districts. Mizzou was in the national spotlight in 2015 after racist incidents led Black students to protest on the predominantly white campus. “These kids are hurt.”. Some alumni said they’ve had at most one teacher of color. “I complied because I was afraid. “Our deep equity conversations need to be just that. And there are signs that the all-white makeup of some school boards is starting to change. (AP) — Kansas City officials imposed a partial curfew and pleaded for calm on Sunday after overnight protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and law enforcement’s treatment of blacks devolved into violence that left several businesses damaged and at least 10 people injured. Deja Stallings says her unborn daughter is the latest victim of police brutality. In St. Louis, two people were killed and 17 people were injured in weekend shootings. For Eric Williams, virtual church has meant dressing down and being more real. “And you’re going to have to pay for education, pay for student loans, and offer a nice package to bring teachers to Kansas.”. It shouldn’t have taken this long, but now we can move forward.”. I’m just praying that all of this that’s happening right now will create change.”, ©2020 The Kansas City Star (Kansas City, Mo. But time after time, nothing happens.”. Chiefs’ Frank Clark comments on Jacob Blake shooting, Week 1 protest … Even when teaching a science class, she has taken out flash cards featuring historical Black figures. The long line of cars was met by a small group of anti-Trump protesters near the Country Club Plaza. “If you’re going to recruit at historically Black colleges, that’s great, but you should have somebody there that looks like me. Protests move to Kansas City's suburbs as residents tell schools to act on racism. He reported the incident to school leaders. ? That would create a better relationship with those students, which again, goes to equity.”, “Yes,” she said, the district has “been preventing students from being their best. She sued the district for racial discrimination. KANSAS CITY, Mo. Leaders also eliminated several discipline infractions in hopes of addressing discipline disparities among students of color, Ousley said. ? The May 25 death of Floyd — a Black man killed when a white police officer pressed his knee against his neck for nearly 9 minutes — led many area school districts to quickly join with companies, celebrities and organizations in issuing statements condemning racism and vowing to guard against it. “My hope is that by announcing today, this will help begin to grow a diverse list of candidates now.”, In an interview, Stratton said that he has “always questioned the process that we use to elevate people to eventually run for office.”, “The process of endorsing candidates is often a quiet one that elected (officials) hold close to the vest,” he said. “It’s not common to be able to go out and hire that many additional educators. Although we do not have all the answers today, we encourage you to continue to use your voice.”. The protest, organized by Oluwatoyin Akinmoladun, began as a small gathering on the sidewalk in front of Kelly’s but spilled into the intersection … Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. District leaders previously issued a statement saying that racism and discrimination would not be tolerated: “We are committed to cultivating a deeper sense of social awareness so that our students and staff develop the ability to take the perspective of and empathize with others from diverse backgrounds and cultures.”. It's also meant a new chapter in a decades-long ministry soothing pain in the here-and-now: relief from hunger. Please Help Me Like, Share & Subscribe!! And school districts swiftly responded, with mixed results. She added that Superintendent Mike Fulton was hired a couple of years ago after leading the Pattonville school district in suburban St. Louis, which went from being a mostly white district to now claiming to be one of the most diverse districts. Black Rainbow is one of the Kansas City, Missouri groups organizing the current protest, after a video of Kansas City police arresting a pregnant woman circulated online. Black Rainbow is one of the Kansas City, Missouri groups organizing the current protest, after a video of Kansas City police arresting a pregnant woman circulated online. “There have been parents 20 years before me who saw these same things. “And if we get more minorities on the board, you will see more minorities in the meetings. In response, district leaders issued a second statement saying, “We hear you and we are seeking to understand your experiences. (AP) — In the days since Saturday’s protest at the Country Club Plaza, which included tear gas, fires and injured protesters, police officials have denied that they fired rubber bullets. Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC. Almost every weekday morning, Carla Broadnax would go through the same routine: Wake up her children, help them get ready and then try to convince them that they belong in their Johnson County schools. All of the kids want to see a reflection of the students that are in their classrooms, and a reflection of themselves in the staff and administrators as well,” she said. In Blue Springs, of the 991 teachers, 3% are people of color, compared to 29% of students. Donald Trump protest at Kansas City International Airport on January 29, 2017 (video courtesy of KC resident Flip LaMonica) But activists say now is the time for districts to move past the planning phase.They want districts to examine why they struggle to retain teachers, plus immediately hire teachers of color, and create a pipeline for promoting more diverse educators to administrative positions. So I wanted to open this up now so I have several years to recruit and find candidates, to help open the door a little wider.”. Protests Against Stay-At-Home Orders Held in Kansas City Protesters upset with stay-at-home orders issued to slow the spread of the coronavirus brought their cause to Kansas City … Stratton’s move comes after Lee’s Summit voters this month elected the school district’s first Black school board member, Megan Marshall. This story is updated regularly. Parents and students are urging districts to hire more people of color, end the disproportionate punishment of Black students and do away with “whitewashed” curriculum. “They made me shake his hand. School districts in the majority-white Kansas City suburbs have been coming to terms with these inequities in recent years, especially as many acknowledge that the makeup of their student bodies is changing. This is bigger than us.”. They heard the N-word a lot in the hallways and experienced a lot of other microagressions. At last week’s Shawnee Mission school board meeting, administrators emphasized the difficulties of finding educators of color in a limited candidate pool. “Those are just a bunch of words on paper,” said Anisha Jackson, an activist and mother in the Shawnee Mission school district. Protest to open Kansas today at noon. In 2019, fewer than 64% were white, 9% were Black and 19% were Hispanic. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, The Trump travel ban on Muslim-majority countries may be associated with preterm births among women, study says, US House backs decriminalizing cannabis in historic vote. “I’ve been a civil rights attorney for 14 years, and change is slower than anybody would want it to be,” Ousley said. Fulton outlined the plan, which might require a bond issue and tax increase, during the board meeting. Protesters scatter as tear gas is deployed in Mill Creek Park during a George Floyd protest Saturday, May 30, 2020 in Kansas City, Missouri. Protesters wanting the lifting of stay-at-home orders gather near the Country Club Plaza shopping area in Kansas City, Mo., Monday, April 20, 2020. And Merrigan said Blue Valley is revising its curriculum and adding reading materials that shed light on racism. “Both of my kids checked out pretty early in terms of being engaged. Interim Superintendent Emily Miller said in a message to the community that the district’s priority is to make sure students and staff feel safe. “Mr. Jackson, who was a member of the parent group, said she was “floored” by Fulton’s statement and wrote him a response: “Dr. KANSAS CITY, Mo. They argue changes can be made that don’t require the implementation of a five-year strategic plan. “We know that the demographics in Shawnee Mission are changing,” said school board President Heather Ousley. I am vehemently frustrated with our school district.”. The co-founder of a new Kansas City organization on why protesters are camped out at city hall, Missouri voters face two big issues on the November ballot, and how listening to an opera a day changed one Kansas Citian. “Financially, I lost big time. KCUR journalists will be updating this story throughout Day 3. We want to be responsible to our students and our community.”. At last week’s Shawnee Mission school board meeting, Superintendent Fulton said the district is working to recruit teachers at historically Black colleges, and is creating a “grow your own” program to encourage students to come back to the district as teachers. They argue that the suburbs are growing more diverse but officials haven’t kept up. Protesters faced off with Kansas City police officers on Saturday afternoon in a demonstration at the department’s headquarters. (AP) — Kansas City officials imposed a partial curfew and pleaded for calm on Sunday after overnight protests over the death of George Floyd … We have read every comment. This past week, administrators also said they are reviewing the district’s curriculum, which many parents have argued lacks adequate Black history lessons and the representation of authors of color. “It feels like a bunch of lip service. So we’re steering the ship in the right direction and I think we’re going to get where we need to go. Across suburban Kansas City, more parents and students are opening up about racism in their schools. Since Fulton arrived, the district hired its first-ever diversity and inclusion coordinator, and it requires faculty to be trained to better understand other cultures. District leaders also promise changes to curriculum. — Kansas City, Missouri, residents began picking up the pieces Monday morning after a weekend of protests and civil unrest. We’re so beyond words now. The district over the past couple of years required staff to be trained to be aware of any unconscious bias. For years, a parent group has lobbied for such changes. Broadnax argued that efforts will not be successful unless the district has faculty members of color lead recruitment efforts. The message was met with dozens of comments telling the district to take action and hire more people of color. KANSAS CITY, Mo. Brandi Newry, who has been a school psychologist in Shawnee Mission for three years, said the district’s equity training “lacks depth” — a common complaint among parents in this district and others. He was a sophomore at Lee’s Summit High School when he posted his political viewpoints on social media. Some parents have expressed frustration at how long the hiring efforts are taking. About 100 people participated in a small demonstration in Kansas City, Kansas, Sunday afternoon. I learned I was a blessing to other students as well,” she said. “My presence is needed. A Kansas City attorney and protest leader describes the local reaction to a grand jury decision in the death of Breonna Taylor, a new grocery store opens in a former food desert, and Kansas City's Oktoberfest moves from Crown Center to your home. There are Black children in a building where there is no one, no one, who looks like them. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Missouri protests continued over the death of George Floyd and police treatment of African Americans, with gatherings in Kansas City, St. Louis and Jefferson City. One said a white classmate told him he wouldn’t mind dating a Black girl but wouldn’t marry one. They have committed to recruit more teachers of color, require staff members to complete equity training, rethink curriculum and host community conversations on the issues of race and oppression. We could start looking at the data, the disproportionate rate of suspensions. ), Visit The Kansas City Star (Kansas City, Mo.) Kansas City police arrest a protester Saturday at the Country Club Plaza during a protest to bring awareness to the death of George Floyd who died in the custody of Minneapolis police.

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