lake josephine glacier

Very easy and fun! @ document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); To continue on the loop you should stay to the left and head towards the south boat dock area, which is only a short distance away. Grinnell Lake is located directly below The Angel Wing. To continue the loop and proceed towards the Many Glacier Hotel, you should turn right here. Indeed, the only reason it is listed as a backcountry lake is because you can't drive to it. Cross Swiftcurrent Lake, take a short 2/10 mile walk, then board another boat to the head of Lake Josephine. Starting your hike from the hotel, you should begin walking towards the north end of the lake. AIS such as lake trout have been extremely detrimental to native bull trout populations, replacing them as the top aquatic predator in the many of the large lakes on the west side of Glacier. It was only a 10-12 minute hike after the second boat ride. , Glacier National Park. Wilbur towards the west, and Wynn Mountain towards the east. before using any information on this site. The beach offers stunning views of Grinnell Glacier and Grinnell Falls plummeting towards Grinnell Lake. As you proceed around the north end of the lake, look up towards the slopes of Altyn Peak to scan for grizzlies and bighorn sheep. Swiftcurrent Lake is immediately to the northeast of Lake Josephine and … All rights reserved. At roughly eight-tenths of a mile from the boat dock hikers will reach the parking area for the Grinnell Glacier Trailhead. lake josephine is a little lake just west of swift currant lake.....if your at Many Glaicer hotel there are 2 ways to get there #1 take a hike from amny glacier just take the trail around the lake #2 take a boat ride and get off and walk a 5 minutes to alke josephine....JUST SIT ON A ROCK AND ENJOY THE VIEW<<

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