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Recommendations. This is the GDM theme I am using on Gentoo, this theme is the best amongst the many themes I got with this ebuild. 21. We10X icon theme Full Icon Themes. GTK+1 and GTK+2 Geramik Themes KDE is very feature rich, and IMHO a good DE for a recent Windoze convert, or someone who doesnt like rooting around WM config files to change anything GNOME is a bit slicker and faster, but lacks many of the features KDE has. And it looks very nice and professional. GDM login manager on Gentoo. Gentoo Packages Database. Gentoo Packages Database. Although this isn't needed for Gnome, this way works in both environments so we'll use this. 16. A minimalistic GRUB theme inspired by Breeze, the default style for Plasma 5 / KDE Frameworks.# InstallationCopy the "breeze" directory to a location GRUB can access it. BigSur icon theme Full Icon Themes. 17. You think this warning is false? McMojave cursors Cursors. It seems that version 1.9.1 is available upstream, while the latest version in the Gentoo tree is 1.9.0. I used barskern's plymouth-theme-simple-image theme, then changed the image he used to the Manjaro logo from the manjaro-elegant Plymouth theme...To install: ¬ Download, extract, and copy the folder to /usr/share/plymouth/themes. My first bootsplash-theme called "MacAqua". © 2001–2020 Gentoo Foundation, Inc. Gentoo is a trademark of the Gentoo Foundation, Inc. For better looking please use this pack with Kvantum engine. Sweet Mars KDE Aurorae Themes. Read more about it here . Oreo Cursors Cursors. The bootsplash-theme has two modes, a silent mode where you can see only a … For creating this I used a Mac OS X Panther background-image and the dialog-image from the GDM-Theme MacOSX Session by Senki. Gentoo: Mattéo Rossillol: x11-themes/arc-kde beatussum-overlay [1] This package does not contain Konversation themes. A Plymouth theme for Manjaro. Sweet Mars KDE Global Themes. Contribute to zhtengw/deepin-overlay development by creating an account on GitHub. Sweet wallpaper Wallpapers KDE Plasma. 19. Gentoo overlay for Deepin APPs. 18. gtk-theme-switch: This package will allow you to switch your gtk2 themes in KDE. gtk-theme-switch-1.0.1: This is needed to switch the gtk1 theme and font. At the time of this howto, 1.0.1 was the most up to date gtk1 version of gtk-theme-switch. NOTE: If you maintainer and want be in the list please create an issue or send a pull request. 20. I personally find it is a bit less "bloaty" than KDE … I used the login in a new window option in Gnome which uses Xnest to open a window displaying the Gnome desktop manager to take this screenshot. 22.

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