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If so, when? de qualquer forma obrigada! While the wait was long, we really wanted to bring all of our amazing pioneers and publishers something that would cover all of their planning needs when they are out in the ministry. Participation in the Pioneer Demo Livestream, which may help you fundraise. • Notes Page, BLANK VERSIONS FOR MULTI-YEAR USE: . Joining the ranks of worldwide pioneers is a significant… Você também pode tentar baixar a partir de um brwoser web diferente. • Monthly Schedule We didn’t want to make the planner too rigid, since we were catering to a very large user base and not everyone will use all the pages and not everyone will want the pages ordered in the same way. • Yearly Visual Time Tracker Pioneer (840 hrs) Learn how your comment data is processed. Love from Portugal. In addition to what’s inside the free version of your planner, Here’s a visual look at the other extra goodies included ONLY in the premium version (click to enlarge the images:), INTRODUCTORY SECTION We do our best to imitate Jesus Christ and are proud to be called Christians.”. The statistics allow you to know if you are reaching your pioneering goal or personal goal. My name is Laura, I’m a pioneer, I’m Argentine but I live in Italy .. Select …BiblesBooksBookletsBranch & Circuit Overseer GuidelinesCalendarsKingdom Ministry SchoolKingdom NewsManuals, Including Child CustodyPioneer & Publisher TextbooksResearch Guide for Jehovah’s WitnessesShepherd handbooks for EldersSongbooksTracts & Leaflets Select Manual …Branch OrganizationChild Custody CasesChild Protection GuidelinesCircuit Overseer GuidelinesFully Accomplish Your MinistryPay Attention to Yourselves…Shepherd the Flock of GodShining as Illuminators… While the wait was long, we really wanted to bring all of our amazing pioneers and publishers something that would cover all of their planning needs when they are out in the ministry. However, some have organized their life to serve as regular pioneers, spending 70 hours each month in the preaching work. 8/86 p. 6 pars. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. $100,000 in AWS credits. JW Regular Pioneers dedicate almost 1,000 hours of service work per year in their local community. Created to perfectly adapt to the new model report, Service Report has been designed with love and care, with the desire to be useful and easy to use in the ministry performed by Jehovah's Witnesses. Olá, Francielle! Este planejador vem em duas versões gratuitas e pagas. 15 When you fill out a regular pioneer application, you must answer the question: “Have you organized your personal affairs so that you can reasonably expect to reach the yearly requirement of 1,000 hours?” To reach it, you need to average about three hours a day in the service. the applicant is not qualified to serve as a regular pioneer, they should explain their reasons to the applicant. After over 30 days of work, the pioneer planner we’ve been sneaking you peeks of over the last few weeks is complete! • Daily Reflection, Thank You So Much! • Monthly Visual Goal Tracker Aux Pioneer (30 hrs) Sorry, there was an error loading the video. See more ideas about Faith, Jehovah's witnesses, Jehovah. Hello, I just wanted to thank you, the brothers and sisters that join our congregation were very happy when my daughter gave them the “Welcome Cards” you have here. The free version of the planner is FULLY USEABLE and contains all the features requested by pioneers that we’ve chosen to include in the planner in it’s entirety. About Pioneer We're a small team dedicated to finding and supporting the next great set of scientists, artists, entrepreneurs and civic activists. New positions added daily. Oi Amanda! Because it covers everything a pioneer could possibly need! • Weekly Schedule With a few new features too. If so when will it be available for purchase? • Quick List of Ministry Snacks • Week at a Glance Is there a way to have it numbered so they can tell? • Intro Use Page 9. ¡Gracias! From shop twolovinghands. amm hi ???? As a regular pioneer, you may choose the congregation in which you want to serve; however, we hope that, if possible, you can stay in your current assignment. Change the mode to auxiliary pioneer 30 hours, 50 hours, Regular or Special Pioneer and the application will inform you at all times if you're ahead or behind of your goal. We laugh a lot and enjoy life: km 6/03 5; w96 7/15 25, my sleep is sweet, and my heart is full of joy: km 8/03 8; w97 10/15 19, no other work could have brought me the satisfaction: km 8/03 8; w97 10/15 19, our real golden years began when we started pioneering: km 6/03 5; w96 7/15 25, priceless privilege to be treasured: w97 10/15 19-20. Check out our jw pioneer gifts selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our mugs shops. Application to Become a Bethel Family Member in the Worldwide Order of Special Full-time Servants of Jehovah’s Witnesses (A-8-E Gh 5/13) Application for Regular Pioneer Service (S-205-E 8/14) Application for Regular Pioneer Service (S-205-E Us 6/11) The different page types are in separate PDF files for this reason and not all bunched into one single PDF file. Thank you! In that way, your full time service will not be interrupted. However, we did include a resize guide in with the planner that will give you an idea of how to print the pages resized so that they can work with your planner. Click the images below to get a visual look at what’s inside: The premium version of the planner includes all elements that took a little extra work for us to do, like numbering every month for you! Review all regular pioneer application forms to make sure they are complete. A lot of thought and effort went into this and I love it… I downloaded the free version tonight to look at and will be purchasing the full version as I love what I see so Far. Tente atualizar a página yor browser. Search hundreds of new roles. A 1-year subscription to Wolfram|One. Elder? Are you now of good moral standing and habits? The Free Version also includes scriptures and pioneer tips submitted by you throughout the pages of the planner! James Arana. Because it covers everything a pioneer could possibly need! “We come from hundreds of ethnic and language backgrounds, yet we are united by common goals. Thanks for stopping by Seline! Privacy | Privacy Tools Our mission is to extend as much love as possible to our brothers and sisters around the world through our creations. Control the Publications, Videos, Time, or Return Visits and different Studies conducted. And it’s all yours to download for free. If you share in the ministry 18 hours a week, you can pioneer —and still have time for vacation! Muito obrigado por parar por! i just heard about your beautiful site for brother i a 12 year old sis. The planner printables are standard printing paper size (8.5 x 11 inches.) I love your website so much I’ve been using it for quite a while, and I’m continually spreading the word about it! JW Scheduler lets congregation secretaries enter Publisher Reports quickly and easily. Vocês cancelaram os dowloads de graça? Hi. Lol So excited!!! Was just about to ask this!I had the day off and was going to set up for next year. • Monthly Field Service Report Sheet (km . Unique Jw Regular Pioneer clothing designed and sold by artists for women, men, and everyone. The files are .ZIP files and will need to be downloaded from a computer. Thank you for all your hard work and talent! What size are these planners? até se tiver no espanhol e mais fácil de enteder. jw pioneers gifts, jw gift shop, jw ministry supplies, jw 2020 international convention gifts, jw elders gifts, jw ministry organizers, jw ministry bag, jw gift ideas, jw 2020 convention gifts, happier to give, jw magnets, jw tumblers, jw tract holder, jw pens, jw 2020 convention notebook, jw 2020 buttons, jw enamel Daniel Gross. The Ultimate Pioneer Planner™ FREE Download! Regular pioneering requires a good schedule. Find your perfect new job. High quality Jw Regular Pioneer stationery featuring original designs created by artists. Thank you. ???? So excited to fill it out!!!!! -Talia. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please continue. See detailed service reports and Regular Pioneer progress at any time. No entanto, ainda está na nossa lista de tarefas para o futuro. : w01 8/1 23-27, Happy Despite Severe Disabilities: g 5/10 24-25, How My Spiritual Thirst Was Satisfied: g03 6/22 18-22, I Found ‘One in a Million’: g89 2/22 12-16, If We Do God’s Will, He Will Never Abandon Us: w89 2/1 22-27, I Learned to Trust Fully in Jehovah: w07 11/1 8-12, I Swallowed My Pride and Found Happiness: w92 8/1 26-27, I Will ‘Climb Up Just as a Stag Does’: g 8/06 20-22, “I Would Not Change a Thing!”: w02 9/1 25-29, Jehovah Blessed My Determination: w90 10/1 26-29, Jehovah Has Been My Refuge: w96 12/1 24-28, Jehovah Has Given Me Strength: w90 12/1 26-29, “Jehovah Is My Strength”: w08 10/15 17-20, Keeping Life Simple to Serve Jehovah: w00 3/1 20-24, Keeping Myself Busy in Jehovah’s Organization: w10 10/15 29-31, My Long, Hard Fight to Find True Faith: g95 9/22 19-23, Now I’m Happy to Be Alive! • Monthly Visual Goal Tracker Aux Pioneer (50 hrs) • Daily Planner If all else fails and you are unable to download the file for free, you are more than welcome to purchase it through our ISJW shop which requires no Facebook like and helps support this website. Others are selected to serve as special pioneers in areas where the need for Kingdom proclaimers is greater, devoting 130 hours or … ¡Hola Liz! 7. And it’s all yours to download for free. SoundBox (Windows) Designed for use at Kingdom Halls where a PC is used to record meetings and play videos and songs. Will there be a new one for the 2017/2018 service year? Rishi Narang. What am i missing to do so.? Thanks! • Monthly Goals Please note: is not affiliated with! Thank you so much!! e tem no português?pois sou Brasileira. eu amei demais esse caderno de pioneira,mas queria saber se tem que pagar? Hi there, I purchased the premium version. We believe that up-building tools should be free for every Witness, that is why all of the printables on our website are 100% free. To do so, you must submit an Application for Regular Pioneer Service (S-205) to the Service Committee of the Congregation. 2426) If the service committee agrees - to appoint the applicant as a regular pioneer, they should sign the application and enter it on as described in paragraph 5. We’re working on it now & it should be ready very soon. These can be ordered on the Literature Request Form (S-14). I need your help ???? A5 or A6? However, support will end after December 2018 as JW Library app is now used for yeartext and artwork showing as well as video and song playing. Hola posiblemente sea por que no lo veo pero no encuentro el link d descarga. We designed the Pioneer Planner (both Free and Printable versions) to be fluid so that you can arrange it any way you like! In order to receive your discount, you must create an account and place your order on our website. Olá, If you need help contact me !! Samuel Lee. They can then be opened on the JW Scheduler App. se tem, qual valor? When I took it to the printer, she said she couldn’t tell which pages were for front and back. • Ministry Health & Fitness Weekly Tracker :-) i have one question when i download this on because i am planning on R. Pioneer y am i only getting 1 page, oh my bad i’m so sorry i didn’t see the others sorry for ur time tho thx ur helped me a lot with this beautiful book. It includes a planner for this 2016-17 service year along with a blank version of the planner so that you can use it for any year from here to infinity! zoom preach repeat, pioneer life 20-21, jw pioneer, jw gifts, jw encouragment, jw magnets, best life ever, pioneer school gifts twolovinghands. Please click that link to download the Meeting notes Printable. We’re finally done. • Yearly Goals Obrigado! Are you a: Regular or special pioneer? It includes your ideas along with our own ideas for the perfect ministry planning tools. • Congregation Service ‘To Work With’ list, LIFESTYLE SECTION Do I need a Facebook account to download the free version? Regular Pioneers (who are not Special Pioneers) are entitled to a 25% discount on all our products. • Resize Guide, MINISTRY SECTION • Monthly Visual Goal Tracker Pioneer (70 hrs) Enviando – lhe amor cristão quente. Jackson Prince. The interface will be instantly familiar, since it’s based on the S-21 Publisher Record and allows you enter Placements, Video Showings, Hours, Return Visits, Bible Studies, Credit and Auxiliary Pioneer. Os downloads ainda estão livres. It is necessary for the branch office to maintain an up-to-date record of addresses and telephone numbers for all presiding overseers and secretaries. Because of the extensive amount of time, effort, planning and designing that went into this beautiful over 200 page planner, we have two versions available: A free version which you can download right here and a premium version which is available for purchase in our Shop. I had started a bullet journal for spiritual activities and the ministry, the pioneer planner is a great compliment, actually, what I was really looking for. Hi Sara! Joyful Voice – A Theocratic Karaoke Game! Congregation secretaries should maintain an adequate supply of the forms Application for Regular Pioneer Service (S-205) and Application for Auxiliary Pioneer Service (S-205b). Create Regular Pioneer 25% Discount Account If you wish to provide supplemental comments, please do so in a separate letter. • Car Cleaning Checklist, GOAL SETTING . I hope you will keep adding these great idea and soon if possible have all the items in Spanish too. Elders can now send a “Check Contact Details” request to App Members, which lets publishers check and update their Contact Details and Emergency Contacts, then return this information back to JW Scheduler. (See also Auxiliary Pioneers; Full-Time Ministry; Pioneer Service School; Special Pioneers; lands by name), (Note centered heading below: Quotations), processing by Congregation Service Committee: od 44, 109; km 8/98 7, Pioneer Appointment Letter (S-202): km 1/08 7, appreciation for pioneers: w20.08 21; km 9/90 3-4; km 2/86 1, 4, appreciation for privilege of being: w04 6/1 18, assisting congregation publishers: km 8/09 7, training program: w05 12/1 31; w04 6/1 18; yb00 19; km 9/98 4, assisting irregular or inactive publishers: km 9/90 3, assisting pioneers: w14 9/15 29-31; km 11/10 4; km 2/92 7, accompanying in field service: km 9/90 3-4; w89 1/1 15, secretary advises elders of problems: km 10/98 7, secretary and service overseer: km 2/03 7; km 2/00 7; km 10/98 7; km 3/95 7; km 3/93 5, when hours are low: km 2/95 7; km 3/95 7; km 3/93 5, attitude if unable to be: w07 10/1 23-24; w97 3/15 8-11; w92 1/1 8-9, auxiliary pioneer first: km 2/97 5; km 3/93 5; km 2/90 3, blessings: km 8/05 3; km 8/03 8; w97 10/15 18-23; km 10/89 1-2; km 2/87 6; je 22; km 2/86 1; km 11/86 1, relationship with Jehovah: w13 9/15 28-30, meeting with traveling overseers: km 9/88 4, circuit overseer’s meeting with: od 48; om 48, auxiliary pioneers invited: yb14 7; km 2/13 1; km 6/13 2; km 9/05 7, congregation changes: km 4/96 7; km 7/94 3; km 11/92 7, congregation’s supply of application forms: km 4/08 7, contribution to preaching work: w89 1/1 14-15, meetings for field service: od 104; km 8/09 7, discussion: od 109-110; jl 13; w13 9/15 27-31; jv 299-300; je 22-23, keeping firearm for protection against humans: w17.07 32, sexual abuse of child: w19.05 11, 13; w97 1/1 28-29, encouragement to become: mwb20.08 5; mwb16.07 4; w13 9/15 31; w12 6/15 23-24; km 5/10 3-5; km 5/08 4; km 6/07 4; km 8/05 3; w04 6/1 17-18; km 4/99 3-4; km 5/99 8; km 8/99 3-4; km 4/97 2; w94 1/15 21-23; km 1/93 1; km 3/93 3-5; km 7/93 3; km 6/92 3; km 10/89 1-2; w88 12/15 25-27; km 6/88 1, 4; w87 2/1 15-20; km 7/87 1-2; w86 1/15 13; w86 4/15 28-30; w86 9/1 5; km 7/86 1, 3; km 8/86 7; km 11/86 1-2, before World War II (Britain): w16.11 31-32, examining one’s circumstances: w08 7/15 30; km 2/03 8; km 2/90 3; w86 1/15 13, only those with special circumstances cannot pioneer (quote): w87 2/1 15, reapplying: km 3/11 3; km 7/09 1; km 8/94 7, retired people: w03 3/1 21-22; km 6/03 5; w96 7/15 24-25, youths: mwb19.08 5; w12 6/15 23; km 5/10 4; yp2 313, 315-316; w05 9/15 24-25; km 4/02 4; w00 11/1 18-21; km 7/98 4; km 1/93 1; km 3/93 3-4, examples: w97 10/15 19-21; w94 1/15 21-23; jv 302-303, accepts assignment of hometown: w16.09 22; yb96 54, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: g 1/06 25-29; g 10/06 28, blind: yb01 220-221; yb93 188-189; w90 7/1 31; w89 6/15 22-23; w86 7/15 29-30, centenarians: yb96 4; w92 2/1 29-30; w91 7/1 17; yb87 24, changes view of material things: w13 2/15 24, choose pioneering over advanced education: w18.01 5; w14 1/15 20; lv 180; w13 10/15 16; w10 4/15 5-6; jr 108-109; yb10 183; w09 9/15 21, 24, confined to wheelchairs: w14 3/1 8-9; yb01 16, declines million-dollar offer: w93 9/15 30-31, declines vice presidency of company: w01 1/1 12, elderly: km 2/03 8; yb01 220-221; w96 7/15 24-25; w95 1/1 19; w95 3/1 25-28; yb95 196; w92 2/1 29-30; km 2/91 1; w87 5/15 27; yb87 24; w86 1/15 20; w86 7/15 30-31, family perseveres despite Great Depression: w93 9/15 29, fathers: yb98 105-106; yb96 243, 245; w92 2/1 25; w88 12/1 27; w88 12/15 27; w87 4/15 24; w86 7/15 29, gets out of spiritual rut: w98 5/15 26-27, giving up worldly careers: w12 11/1 10-11; w08 1/15 17-19; yb98 105-106; w97 10/1 27; yb91 80-82; g87 8/22 12; w86 5/1 22-24; w86 6/15 12; w86 8/1 22, husband joins wife: w18.01 25; w93 6/1 12-13, husband paralyzed and comatose: g99 12/22 13-16, married couples pioneer: w08 1/15 7-8; km 2/03 1, mothers: yb10 218; km 4/99 3; w96 5/15 30-31; w88 12/15 27; w87 4/15 24, mother whose daughter lost enthusiasm for the truth: w96 5/15 30-31, on crutches or in wheelchair: w90 12/1 26-29; yb89 13, osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease): w13 11/15 15, parents: km 6/02 4; w01 7/1 25-30; yb98 105; g88 9/22 20; w87 2/1 16-17; w86 1/15 13, parents teach caring for oneself: w12 7/15 17-18, quadriplegics: g 5/10 24-25; g95 10/22 12-16; g90 8/22 21-22, 24; g88 1/22 17-18, refuses pay for teaching literacy: yb94 44, single sisters: w20.08 29; w11 10/15 14-15, spina bifida and other illness: w13 8/15 9, unbelieving mate: w89 12/1 20; w88 12/15 27, unsure of ability with language: w93 10/15 26, widowed survivor of air crash: g90 12/22 27, widow rearing three children: w10 7/15 18, youth having strokes and brain tumor: w11 1/15 24-25, youths: w17.09 30; yp2 315-316; w02 9/15 8-9; yb01 221; yb98 15-16; w95 1/1 18-19; yb91 103; w90 7/1 29-30; w88 12/15 26; w86 4/15 28-30; w86 7/15 30; w86 8/1 20, becomes teacher with help from Awake!

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